ReadablePro is the world's most powerful readability score app. Writers, marketers and content producers can within seconds:

  • score text of all lengths. From short to very, very long
  • audit an entire website for readability
  • score documents - Word, Open Offic, PDFs, Marketing and eBooks
  • run reports and export to PDF or CSV

Key features include

  • Text analysis. Simply past or type in your text and ReadablePro will take care of the rest. Giving you live feedback and results
  • Website scanning. An SEO marketers dream; audit an entire website for readability.
  • URL analysis. If you only need to look at one page, no problem. Add in the URL and ReadablePro will score it
  • Email scoring. Send any test campaign or email to your unique email and ReadablePro will score it. A great way to boost engagement and conversion rate
  • Score anything. You can also upload documents for ReadablePro to score - Word documents, Open Office, PDFs, Markdown and even eBooks


Take a read through our ReadablePro features and ReadablePro pricing pages for a full rundown of what you can achieve.

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